Our vision is a Durham and North Carolina where all people can live well. We work to hold our elected officials - from Durham City Council to our U.S. Congressmen - accountable to our progressive vision.


Our Mission

People’s Alliance is a grassroots organizing organization that has been advancing a progressive vision for Durham, N.C. for over 40 years. We work to elect progressive people to office and hold them accountable through citizen action 365 days a year. PA is a volunteer organization that's supported by our over 800 members. In 2017, we launched accountability teams to hold our elected officials accountable to our progressive vision.

I think the work is local...People working locally at town hall meetings, writing Members of Congress personally, working local news - and the advantage we have is that the truth is on our side.
— President Obama

our goals

  • Increase public knowledge of, and engagement in, the actions of local elected bodies and our Members of Congress. The teams will provide a useful new resource to the Durham community that allows people to access timely and relevant information on the votes and public comments of their elected officials.

  • Hold elected officials accountable to advancing a Durham and North Carolina where all people can live well. These teams will create a systematic process for tracking elected officials’ votes, public statements and events and evaluating their work against PA’s progressive values and prior statements or commitments from those individuals.
  • Identify and organize actions to put pressure on elected officials. Team members will also elevate opportunities for action that PA can organize and mobilize our members to take (e.g., showing up at town hall meetings, making calls to Congress).