Sustaining Durham's Tree Canopy: Did you know this was an issue? It is.

In our team's conversations with residents, city staff, and elected officials we have been hearing a lot about an issue that wasn't on most of our radars - Durham's tree canopy.  We live in a region with lots of tree - in fact Durham has been a Tree City USA for 34 years!  However, many of Durham's trees that we love, such as our oaks, are nearing the end of their lives.  In 20 years, if we take no action to replant dying trees, our tree canopy will be far more sparse.  

And let's not forget that trees are inequitably dispersed today - tree planting followed red-lining practices, so that historically black neighborhoods have fewer trees today. Don't know what red-lining is? Learn more about it here.  

We have an opportunity today to plan for and invest in the kind of future tree canopy we want in Durham -- a future that sustains what we love and makes right past wrongs.  Learn more by checking out the March 9 assessment below and the April 2016 report on Replanting Durham's Urban Forest.  An applaud-a-bull word of thanks to Steve Schewel and Don Moffitt for leading on this issue.

- Learn more about the inequity of tree planting in Durham in this 2016 article from the Indy: In Durham, Rich Neighborhoods Have Plenty of Trees. Poor Neighborhoods, Not So Much.