Ask City Council to Support Living Wages for Non-Seasonal Part-Time Workers

ITEM FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION: Please contact your City Council members today and ask them to carefully consider the benefits of this policy change to the workers in question and to the local economy, and to approve this recommendation as part of the 2017-18 budget. 

The Durham People’s Alliance seeks an economy that works for all and advocates for policies that ensure that all Durham residents have access to high-quality jobs that pay a living wage with benefits.  For the 2017-18 budget, we recommend that the City include all non-seasonal, part-time workers in the City's living wage policy.  In last year’s budget, the Council raised wages for all full-time workers, which we wholeheartedly supported.  At that time, the Council also committed to revisiting and considering the inclusion of part-time workers in this year's budget.

Across the Triangle, the City of Raleigh and Town of Chapel Hill, and Wake and Orange County governments all include at least non-temp/non-seasonal part-time workers in their policies, if not all part-timers. This recognizes the fact that part-time workers are often critical contributors to household income and stability. 

We recommend that, in the budget for the coming year, the City include approximately 120 part-time employees (out of about 217 total part-timers) in the City's living wage policy. We estimate, with some assumptions, that this would cost the City about $525k per year. We also urge the Council to consider including all part-timers, including seasonal, in the City’s Living Wage policy.  This incremental cost would be approximately $800k.