Action: Call County Commission to ask them to defend visitation rights at the jail

From Inside Outside Alliance

The Durham County Sheriff's Department is planning to end in-person visitation at the Durham County Jail this summer and replace it with phone calls. Advocates who are working tirelessly on behalf of the rights of people in Durham's jail point out that such a decision could provide financial benefits to GlobalTel based on Durham County's contract with the telecommunications corporation. The Durham County Commissioners can put pressure on the Sheriff to keep visitation as is. Call and email them to ask that jail visitation is on the agenda of their March 13th meeting.

Wendy Jacobs: (919) 418-3169
James Hill: (919) 536-8820
Brenda Howerton: (919) 544-4160
Heidi Carter: (919) 225-4268
Ellen Reckhow: (919) 383-3883

My name is _________________. I'm calling/emailing to ask that the County Commissioners place the Durham Jail's decision to end jail visitation on the agenda for their 7pm regular session on March 13th. Many people in the community have expressed how the Sheriff's Department's elimination of visitation will hurt folks on the inside and their families. The community should have a say in a decision that would negatively impact so many Durham residents. We ask that you include jail visitation on the agenda for the March 13th session and allow for public comment. Thank you.