Action: Email our Sheriff and County Commissioners and ask them to discourage any collaboration between Durham County law enforcement and ICE

The Durham Sheriff's Department partners with ICE in at least some capacity, although the extent of this partnership is unclear. The department has confirmed they participate in Secure Communities (now known as the Priority Enforcement Program), which lets ICE use fingerprinting and other data submitted to the FBI to deport undocumented people. Trump's Executive Order on immigration also encourages police departments to revive other ICE-police partnerships, such as the 287(g) program that the Durham PD participated in as recently as 2009.  

Sheriff Andrews:

Wendy Jacobs: (919) 418-3169
James Hill: (919) 536-8820
Brenda Howerton: (919) 544-4160
Heidi Carter: (919) 225-4268
Ellen Reckhow: (919) 383-3883

Here's a sample email you could use:

Sheriff Andrews, 

I write to encourage you to terminate any cooperative arrangements, such as the Secure Communities program, between the Durham Sheriff's Department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Adding the burden of immigration enforcement to your department means you have less time to spend on your core mission of community policing. Furthermore, collaboration between ICE and your department jeopardizes the Durham community by forcing immigrants to live in terror of arrest and deportation. If the Durham Sheriff's Department continues to collaborate with ICE around immigration enforcement, it will undermine community-police relations, discourage immigrants from calling the police in response to crimes, and prevent immigrants from living and working freely in our community. People whose only crime was to arrive in this country without the right paperwork should not be at risk of being uprooted from their businesses, families, and communities. All immigrants, documented and otherwise, should be able to trust that their local police exist to serve and protect the Durham community, not enforce ICE's radical new deportation agenda. 

Ending police-ICE collaboration is a crucial first step to protect Durham's immigrants and rebuild relations between citizens and police. It is also not an unprecedented move--just recently, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez terminated his department's 287(g) program with ICE, noting that the resources involved in supporting the program could be better used elsewhere (see I urge you to terminate your Secure Communities initiative and any other collaborations between the Durham Sheriff's Department and ICE, for the sake of all Durham residents.

Thank you for your time and consideration."