Jeff Sessions has recused himself. Now he should resign.

By Jennifer Hill, MPH

On March 2, in a hastily called news conference, Senator Sessions recused himself from any ongoing investigation into Russian ties with the 2016 election after news outlets found he had twice met with the Russian ambassador during the election.

But let's be clear: Senator Sessions has demonstrated a long track record of being unfit for the office of Attorney General. He intimidated black activists with phony voter fraud charges, was blocked from a federal judgeship because of racist statements, called the NAACP un-American, and has long opposed the Voting Rights Act, a piece of legislation that he will be required to enforce as the Attorney General.  

And that was before he was Attorney General.

In the past week, he has shunted aside two key Obama administration civil rights decisions — protecting transgender students and Texas minority voters — and vowed to recommit federal resources to fighting crime, drugs and illegal immigration, a theme he repeated on Tuesday in his address to the law enforcement officials. On Tuesday, Sessions said that "the Justice Department will limit its use of a tactic employed aggressively under President Obama — suing police departments for violating the civil rights of minorities." And there's so much more.

While you're calling Senator Burr this week (see below), add in the following: “I am a voter who cares deeply about issues of racial injustice and civil rights, and I find what Senator Sessions admitted to this week appalling as well. I want the Senator to call for Sessions to immediately resign, as he is unfit for the office of Attorney General." And of course, call Thom Tillis about this, too!