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the North Carolina Green Party (NCGP) will present Ajamu Baraka speaking on “Building People Power in the Time of Trump: The Path to Real Democracy” at The Vault at the Palace International, 1104 Broad St. in Durham. The event is free and open to the public and kicks off the NCGP statewide Spring Gathering, to be held in Mebane later in the evening June 9 and all day June 10. Baraka, who was the Green Party nominee for vice president in 2016 alongside presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein, is an internationally recognized leader in the U.S. human rights movement and a national organizer for Black Alliance for Peace. A grassroots organizer, journalist and educator, he is currently an editor at Black Agenda Report and a writer for Counterpunch.

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Baraka will be addressing problems that progressive voters face in mounting an effective resistance to the rightward power shift in Washington. Record numbers of people have shown up for the Women’s March, the March for Science and the Climate March, but taking that energy into electoral politics to change the system is a steep challenge in this age when elections are increasingly neither free nor open. Building the power of the people through independent electoral politics requires working outside the mainstream political system to build a party that is accountable to voters, not to corporations or Wall Street.

“The state of North Carolina and the US in general cannot continue on its current path and expect a decent future for its citizens.” said Wayne Turner, a member of the Triangle Area Green Party and a former state party co-chair. “Electoral politics must cease to be about who can attract the biggest donors, and become about who can define and implement the best path forward to reduce and reverse built-in, escalating inequalities in income, education and quality of life. Providing tax breaks and public subsidies to people who don’t need it while gutting education, health care, environmental protections and the social safety net is a poor choice for all.“

The talk will be introduced by Tony Ndege, co-chair of the North Carolina Green Party, and will be followed by a short discussion of alternative-party challenges in the state of North Carolina and a Q&A session.


Contact: Jan Martell