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Moral Day of Action For Health Care

Mass Sit - In at 10 am.
We will gathering of the Seal outside of the NC General Assembly
If you are interested in participating in Non-Violent Direct Action. Click Here. 

 Mass Rally for Health Care
6:00 pm
Bicentennial Mall
1 Edenton St. Raleigh


Join us Tuesday, May 30 as we continue to to proclaim Health Care is a Human Right and a Moral requirement. Let your voice be heard, and speak out against these elected officials “who receive the best health care, and once they are elected, deny the people who elected them the same health care in which they have access too”.

 Every year thousands of Americans die because they do not have access to health care. Without the expansion of medicaid, over half a million North Carolinians are being denied the health care that has been granted to them through the affordable healthcare act.  It is for this reason that we must rally and let our legislators know healthcare is a human right and a Moral Demand!

Stand with us as we fight to end the tyranny against those in need of healthcare and as we call for:

  1. The expansion of medicaid NOW
  2. Stopping the repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act
  3. Block Trump Care