The Bull's Eye: June 5, 2017

Welcome to the Bull’s Eye - calls to action and updates from PA’s Account-a-bull Teams. Check out our website for even more content! We’ll be doing things a little differently this summer. Between summer schedules and our growing focus on the upcoming City Council & Mayoral elections, we’ll scale back the the Bull’s Eye emails. We’ll send the emails when there are pertinent updates and calls to action, but it may not be every week.

Have you thought about running for office, working on a campaign or organizing on an issue that matters to you in Durham? Join us this Saturday for the Activist Academy!

Activist Academy - Tools to Win Power for a More Progressive Durham
Saturday, June 10 from 10am-4pm in downtown Durham
Co-hosted by PA and Durham for All - Learn about Durham's political history; power-mapping current organizations and players; grassroot organizing; volunteer management; media and 'telling your story'; and campaign management & finances. Space is limited - View the agenda & facilitatorsApply online.

(1) Action-a-bull: (things to take action on)  

City Council

  • TODAY - Monday at 7pm (City Hall, 101 City Hall Plaza): Tonight's City Budget Hearing is going to be a big City Council meeting with a lot of important issues at stake, including:

    • a highly contested rezoning at Latta and Guess (learn more about it here and here), and

    • budget implications for affordable housing - Show up and show support for these affordable housing demands:

      • 1. Double the Penny for Housin. 2 Cents for housin is needed to increase the number o homes affordable for the lowest income residents of Durham.  ur priorities are Durham residents who are struggling with urgent needs for housing now, including: seniors, persons with disabilities, workers making a minimum wage.

      • 2. Keep Homes Affordable. Durham benefits when w invest public funds and land to keep homes affordable, stable and well-maintained for 30 years or more.

      • 3. Help Homeowners Stay in their Homes. Lower income homeowners need grants for repairs and taxes to stay in their home.

      • 4. Help Renters Buy Homes. Long-time Durham renters need help to uy homes with incomes of $30,000-$40,000 (about 60% Area Median Income).

      • 5. Partner with Communities. The City should partner with communities, neighborhoods, and non-profits on affordable housing plans to best serve the housing needs o residents.

Members of Congress

  • TuesdayKeep up the pressure on health care with calls to Senators Burr and Tillis. The new CBO score is out and—surprise!—it’s just as bad as before. Here is a quick summary from your PA Indivisibull team on what to know about zombie Trumpcare. Here’s a script for calling Burr ((202) 224-3154) and Tillis ((202) 224-6342):

    • “Hello, my name is _______ and I’m a North Carolina citizen from (zip code). I urge the Senator to vote against the AHCA, because it guts Medicaid and destroys protections for pre-existing conditions. Instead, I want the Senator to get on board with a Medicare for All system, and recognize that healthcare is a human right, not a commodity.”


(2) Note-a-bull (things to be aware of)

Members of Congress:

  • Last week, Trump announced that he’s pulling the U.S. out of the historic Paris Climate Accord. By doing so, Trump hopes to roll back critical climate and health protections at the expense of the American public and of generations to come. Indivisible has compiled these resources to help you understand what this move means and how we can resist here at home.

We’ve got an important local election coming up this fall! People’s Alliance is working on lots of great stuff to educate and engage Durham to elect progressives to City Council and Mayor. The City Council Account-a-bull team is currently researching split votes which will go into creating a Progressive Scorecard - coming soon! Email us ( to get involved with the City Council team - there’s lots of work and fun to be had as we gear up for the elections!

- Account-a-bull Teams