The Bull's Eye: May 9, 2017

(1) Action-a-bull: (things to take action on)  

State Legislature

Members of Congress

Want to turn your frustration with our current political climate into action? Check out opportunities to volunteer with You Can Vote, a project of the People’s Alliance C3.

(2) Note-a-bull (things to be aware of)

New Account-a-bull resource: Your guide to the 2017 City Council races! Stay informed on who's running to lead our city, what they stand for and figure out how you can help ensure a progressive City Council for Durham.

City Council

  • Vernetta Alston has announced that she is running for the City Council Ward 3 seat.This seat is currently held by Don Moffitt, who isrunning for reelection.

  • The Durham Police Department has released its 1st quarterly report of 2017, which showed that violent and property crime are up this year compared to last year while homicides and burglaries are down. Making quarterly reports to city council were one of the 5 FADE recommendations to increase transparency and accountability. 

Indivisibull - Members of Congress

  • TrumpCare passed the House - now what? Read this quick summary of what happens next to be prepared to take action!

  • We’re getting organized for statewide action! Yesterday, over 90 leaders representing more than 50 Indivisible groups statewide came together to strategize and coordinate. Thank you to our team leader Jen Hill who helped facilitate and to Heather Hazelghini from Together We Will NC, Laurie Anderson and everyone else from Indivisible groups statewide for organizing! 

(3) Applaud-a-bull: