The Bull's Eye: April 3, 2017

This Wednesday (4/5) at 6:30 p.m. 
Join PA and Rep. Graig Meyer to talk about
Durham’s role in state politics, organizing,
and Our Shot!
at Motorco, (Geer St. and Rigsbee Ave.)

Gather with the PA community, enjoy a drink and snacks and hear Representative Graig Meyer on Durham's role in State Politics, Organizing, and Our Shot! Graig is a progressive leader in the N.C. General Assembly and a major organizer for progressives statewide. We will also hold a PA chapter and PAC meeting to update membership on our priorities for the year, our accomplishments to date, and our financial goals moving forward. The PAC will lay out our plan for mayor and city council endorsements and elections this year, and to call for volunteers. While most PA meetings are open to all, this meeting is for current members because it pertains to the business of the organization. Email L'Tanya at to check the status of your membership. Click here to become a member and join us on Wednesday!

(1) Action-a-bull: (things to take action on) 

State legislature

Indivisibull - Members of Congress

  • Thursday: Call Congressman Butterfield and urge him to advocate for ICE detainee Vicente Noyola’s release. Vicente Marcial Noyola was detained on March 7 for failing to appear in court for driving without a license. He was arrested in front of his seven children, ages 5 to 21, and is now at risk of deportation. Vicente is his children’s primary caretaker, and they desperately need for their father to come home. Call Congressman G.K. Butterfield’s Durham office (919-908-0169) and urge him to advocate for the release of Vicente Noyola (inmate # 1362789) from Wake County Detention Center.

(2) Note-a-bull (things to be aware of)

  • If you are concerned about affordable housing, take note! The City released their Budget Development Guidelines at the end of March.  If you are interested in and care about what the city plans to spend money on and how it plans to fund new expenditures, we highly recommend you read these 3 pages.  The guidelines state, “an additional tax rate adjustment of up to 1 cent (per $100 assessed value) may be considered to fund the Five-Year Affordable Housing Goals.” In other words, the city is considering up to an additional penny on the property tax rate to support affordable housing -- something we think is applaud-a-bull.  If you agree, please let your City Council members know.  

  • “I work on housing every day. Every day.” Learn what else City Council member Steve Schewel cares about and is working on here (scroll down to Steve’s profile).

  • Last week, President Trump passed an Executive Order rolling back many environmental protections put in place under the Obama administration. Be informed byreading our summary on our website and taking our suggested local actions to advocate for change.

  • Durham County Chief District Judge Marcia Morey has been appointed to serve as the state representative for House District 30. Morey’s legislative priorities include raising the juvenile jurisdiction age, improving public schools, improving election fairness, defending the environment, and increasing healthcare access. During her 18 years on the bench, she helped establish a misdemeanor diversion program to reduce the number of young people charged with certain misdemeanors. Morey is filling the vacancy left by long-serving Representative Paul Luebke, who passed away shortly before the 2016 election. Phil Lehman served as a temporary appointee prior to Morey’s appointment.

(3) Applaud-a-bull

  • Thank you Representatives Autry, Beasley, Black, Brisson, Brockman, Butler, Fisher, Harrison, Insko, Lehman, G. Martin, Meyer, Quick, Reives and B. Turner for voting NO to HB142, the non-repeal of HB2.

(4) What the Account-a-bull teams have been up to

Indivisibull - Member of Congress

  • Members of the Indivisibull team and Durhamites had a conference call with Angela Wiles, Senator Burr’s Health Policy Director in Washington DC. We talked about Senator Burr’s previous statements about health care and his proposed health care plan that includes provisions such as leaving essential health benefits up to the states and his support of age & income adjusted tax credits, rather than subsidies. Using the personal stories of Durham citizens, we explained to Ms. Wiles why Durham disagreed with these ideas. We also found some common ground - Senator Burr is in favor of NIH funding for biomedical research and using preventative care to reduce healthcare costs. The Indivisibull team will be having many more such meetings with our MoCs and staff to advocate for Durham values and needs.

Final thoughts:

  • Are you interested in working on one of the Account-a-bull organizing teams to keep track of how our elected officials are voting and leading, organizing actions and helping raise awareness in the community? If you have a couple of hours a week to commit to this work, you can join one of our organizing teams - email if you’re interested in learning more!

  • Bookmark the Durham Progressive Action Calendar - your one-stop place for all the ways you can show up for advancing a more just and equitable Durham and N.C.! Share the link with your friends:  

- Account-a-bull Teams