The Bull's Eye: March 6, 2017

Welcome to the Bull’s Eye - your new weekly email with calls to action and updates from PA’s Account-a-bull Teams.These emails will help you stay aware of what your elected officials are doing and share clear actions you can take to voice your opinions and hold them accountable to representing you.

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(1) Action-a-bull: (things to take action on)

Indivisibull - Members of Congress

  • TuesdayCall Senators Burr & Tillis to tell them to demand Jeff Sessions resign for his actions against transgender students and Texas minority voters and scaling back oversight of civil rights complaints against police departments plus his lies about his communication with Russian officials while he was a Trump campaign surrogate. Sadly, this final issue appears to be what’s most likely to fracture the Republican support of Sessions - if we can press this issue to remove Sessions from office, we should do it.
  • Before 10:30am on WednesdayCall your representatives to urge them to reject the replacement plan introduced by Republicans that has not undergone CBO review and tell them we want to improve the ACA, not replace it! Click here to read our summary of the Republican’s moves this week to craft their ACA repeal in secret and get call scripts + contact info.

NC General Assembly

  • TuesdayCall your state reps to urge them to support House Bill 200 to establish an independent redistricting committee and set objective standards for fair district design.Rep. GrierMartin (D-Wake) said the bill is not a cure for all the problems of redistricting, but rather, “a wonderful treatment to a bipartisan problem from which our democracy suffers.” You can find your representative here and see who's sponsoring the bill here. If your rep has already sponsored the bill, let them know you’re paying attention and appreciate their leadership - call them to say thank you!

City Council

County Sheriff

  • By Wednesday: Sign-up here if you would be interested in participating in a town forum with the Sheriff to ask questions and share concerns about checkpoints and jail visitation. There are frequent public meetings to provide input to our other local elected officials, but there aren't regular opportunities for people to share concerns and questions with the Sheriff. There are currently many fears and concerns across our community about important issues that the Sheriff is involved with - including checkpoints (and the checkpoint to prison pipeline) and jail visitation rights. We will be in touch with more details in the coming week as we consider steps to organize this forum. 


(2) Note-a-bull (things to be aware of)

  • Do you know how City Council is deciding which capital improvements (like sidewalks) to prioritize? Have you heard of the What Works Cities initiative that Durham is participating in? Catch-up on those issues and much more from our team's comprehensive notes from the Feb 17 budget retreat and the Feb 23 work session.

  • Announcing: The Durham Progressive Action Calendar - your one-stop place for all the ways you can show up for advancing a more just and equitable Durham and N.C.! Bookmark the calendar - submit events to be added - and share the link with your friends:

(3) Applaud-a-bull (something great a public official did this week)

  • At Monday's City Council meeting, Charlie Reece made a strong stand against weakening Durham's storm water regulations for the sake of bringing the city's stormwater permit into compliance with the less environmentally friendly state law.  Durham is in compliance with federal law at least through early 2018. The measure failed, with Reece, Johnson, Moffitt, and Schewel voting nay.
  • On Sunday, Durham Police Department Chief C.J. Davis ordered all traffic checkpoints by DPD within the city of Durham to cease immediately. This is an important step toward ensuring Durham police do not contribute to immigration enforcement. 


(4) What the Account-a-bull teams have been up to:

Indivisibull - Member of Congress

  • At Saturday’s Resistance Rodeo, we recorded video testimonials from 20 folks sharing their story of why affordable, quality healthcare is critical for them. We’ll be compiling these stories and sharing them with our Members of Congress when we meet with them and ask them to improve, not replace, the Affordable Care Act.

  • We’ve scheduled our first of many visits to speak with our Members of Congress. Fill out this survey if you’re interested in joining us on future visits!

  • We followed up with Rep. Butterfield about his commitment to intervene in the deportation of Nestor Avila. Read more about where this currently stands.


City Council


Final thoughts:

  • Fill out this survey to join us on visits to our Members of Congress (MoCs). Our team has schedule our first meeting with a Member of Congress (Senator Tillis), and we plan to schedule many more - sign-up to join us! We will do all the planning and you can join to build your advocacy skills and make your voice heard!

  • Are you interested in working on one of the Account-a-bull organizing teams to keep track of how our elected officials are voting and leading, organizing actions and helping raise awareness in the community? If you have a couple of hours a week to commit to this work, you can join one of our organizing teams - email if you’re interested in learning more!

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