The Bull's Eye: March 14

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(1) Action-a-bull: (things to take action on)

Indivisibull - Members of Congress

  • WednesdayCall Senators Tillis and Burr and demand they vote against the disastrous American Health Care Act (AHCA). The bipartisan Congressional Budget Office just released its analysis of the AHCA, House Republicans’ proposed ACA replacement, and it’s a disaster. The bill is predicted to increase overall out-of-pocket costs, leave up to 24 million additional people uninsured thanks largely due to cuts to Medicaid funding, and provide over half a trillion dollars in tax cuts to wealthier Americans. Call your senators and demand they reject the AHCA and any other ACA replacement that increases uninsurance rates and benefits rich Americans at the expense of low- and middle-income people. Check out Indivisible for talking points about the AHCA.  (Senator Burr’s DC office: (202) 224-3154; Senator Tillis’ DC office: (202) 224-6342)

  • ThursdayTell Senator Richard Burr we want him to hold a town hall during the April Recess.Senator Burr claims to be a public servant, but refuses even to meet with the public he represents. By not being accessible to constituents, Senator Burr has basically indicated he will not be held accountable for his votes for the next six years. Call one of Senator Burr’s local offices and continue to demand he hold a real, adequately publicized, in-person town hall during the April Recess.

City Council

  • FridayLearn about Participatory Budgeting and email City Council if you support bringing it to Durham! Jillian Johnson is leading the charge on City Council to establish participatory budgeting in Durham.  Learn more about how it works by reviewing the slides and watching the video on our website.  Get contact information for City Council here.

County Sheriff

  • By FridayWe are still asking people to sign-up here if you would be interested in participating in a town forum with the Sheriff to ask questions and share concerns about checkpoints and jail visitation. There are frequent public meetings with our elected officials on City Council, County Commission and School Board. However, there aren't similar opportunities for the public to engage with the Sheriff. There are currently fears and concerns across our community about important issues that the Sheriff is involved with - including checkpoints and jail visitation rights. Sign-up on the form and we’ll keep you updated as we work to organize this town forum.


(2) Note-a-bull (things to be aware of)

  • In the Senate: The Most Boring and Dangerous Bills You’ve Never Heard Of. Corporate lobbyists are hoping you don’t notice what the Senate has been up to with the Searching for and Cutting Regulations that are Unnecessarily Burdensome (SCRUB) Act (H.R. 998) which would create an unelected board to make recommendations to Congress on cutting regulations. This may not sound like a big deal—but it is. It’s a quiet way to give big business a big gift: the end of regulations essential to protecting our environment, health, and workplace safety. This bill has already passed the House and is currently before the Senate: here’s our script for telling your Senators to vote NO on this dangerous legislation.

  • As if that weren’t bad enough, the Senate is also considering the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act (S. 21), which requires congressional approval for a huge number of regulations. This bill would put corporate lobbyists in the driver’s seat—taking aim at the health and safety protections Americans depend on. REINS is a truly reactionary, fundamental reworking of the federal government, and not in a fun way. It’s been called “the most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of.”

  • Find out what the city learned from the resident’s survey on our website

  • Announcing: The Durham Progressive Action Calendar- your one-stop place for all the ways you can show up for advancing a more just and equitable Durham and N.C.! Bookmark the calendar - submit events to be added - and share the link with your friends:

(3) What the Account-a-bull teams have been up to

Indivisibull - Member of Congress

  • Yesterday (3/13), three members of our Indivisibull team met with Kim Canady Barnes, Senator Tillis’ Deputy State Director. We shared PA’s concerns with the new healthcare law and that we wanted to see the ACA improved, not replaced. We also shared a video we made from the Resistance Rodeo, where folks shared why they cared about the ACA. A summary of the points we made can be found here. Sen. Tillis’ staff was very receptive to our visit and the video and we will be doing many more visits in the future to continue sharing the voices and concerns of Durhamites!


  • If you’d like to join us on visits to our Members of Congress (MoCs), fill out this survey. Our team just attended our first meeting with a Member of Congress (Senator Tillis), and we plan to schedule many more - sign-up to join us! We will do all the planning and you can join to build your advocacy skills and make your voice heard!

City Council

  • The team is meeting with City Council members to learn more about their leadership and priorities. We have met with Steve, Jillian and Don so far and will be meeting with other council members soon. We will update our website with notes from this meeting when they're available. 

Final thoughts:

  • Are you interested in working on one of the Account-a-bull organizing teams to keep track of how our elected officials are voting and leading, organizing actions and helping raise awareness in the community? If you have a couple of hours a week to commit to this work, you can join one of our organizing teams - email if you’re interested in learning more!

 Three members of our Indivisibull team met with Kim Canady Barnes, Senator Tillis’ Deputy State Director on 3/13/17

 Three members of our Indivisibull team met with Kim Canady Barnes, Senator Tillis’ Deputy State Director on 3/13/17

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