The Bull's Eye: February 27, 2017

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About The Bull's Eye emails: Facebook and other sources can be overwhelming - our Account-a-bull teams of 40+ volunteers are going through all of that content for you, attending meetings and lifting up the most important things for Durham progressives to know and do each week. Check out our new Account-a-bull website - there’s a calendar with events from groups across Durham + lots more content including blogs for each elected body.

(1) ACTION-A-BULL - Things you can take action on this week

Saturday: Come to the Resistance Rodeo on Saturday (March 4th) from 4-7pm at Central Park! Visit our Accountabull teams, learn about other progressive orgs and enjoy food trucks, Fullsteam beer tent, kids activities and a DJ. More details on Facebook.  

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Indivisibull - Members of Congress Team (learn about our team

  • Today: Fill out this survey to tell us if you’re interested in visiting your Member of Congress (MoC)! Regular visits to our MoCs is a primary way the PA Indivisibull team will make our voices heard and keep our MoCs accountable to representing us. We’ll organize and schedule these weekly meetings, and we want you to come with us!
  • This week & Saturday: Call, tweet + write a postcard to tell Senator Burr to cut ties with Russia and appoint an independent investigation - visit the Indivisibull blog to get his phone number and call script, Twitter message & info about how to write a Cut Your Russian Ties postcard to mail to Burr! We'll have these postcards at our Indivisibull table at the Resistance Rodeo - you write it and we'll mail it! This is part of a statewide effort to flood Burr's mailbox with these messages. 

City Council (learn about this team)

County Commission (learn about this team)

(2) NOTE-A-BULL - what progressive Durhamites need to know

(3) APPLAUD-A-BULL - shoutouts of the week

  • City Council member Jillian Johnson for talking about how the HB2 compromise fails to right the wrongs of the law. I think that repealing HB 2 while essentially leaving its restrictions in place is a really problematic way to try to end the boycotts in North Carolina without addressing the reasons for those boycotts. We are being boycotted because we have a really discriminatory, bigoted, transphobic law on the books, and removing that law while also saying you can’t protect queer and trans people in North Carolina doesn’t actually address the issues that the boycotts are trying to get to.” We also applaud Don Moffitt, Charlie Reece, & Steve Schewel for opposing the compromise. Read more about the issue.
  • U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield for asking the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stay the deportation order for Felipe de Jesus Molina Mendoza, a gay Durham Tech student, while he appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals. (article in N&O)


(4) What Account-a-bull has been up to:

Indivisibull - Members of Congress Team

  • Our Indivisibull team attended Rep. Butterfield’s Community Discussion on Saturday Feb. 25. We asked him to co-sponsor U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) “resolution of inquiry” into Trump and his team’s connections with the Russian government if any. Rep. Butterfield said “it will be done by Monday.” Check the What To Know Now from Congress page for updates once we have confirmed his co-sponsorship.

City Council Team

  • The City Council Account-a-bull team launched this month with 9 members! We are attending every council meeting and work session and meeting with each council member in person. We will post important info on our website from all meetings and will share notes from meetings with council members. We will also post a vote tracking tool in the coming month, so stay tuned. 

Final thoughts...

  • Want to make more calls to your Members of Congress? We're lifting up the calls we think are top priority each week but if you want to make more, check out for call scripts about issues like protecting the environment, demanding investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia, and protecting immigrant communities from deportation. Issues are updated daily and include scripts for Congress, state governors, media outlets, and more.

  • We have a School Board Accountability team coming soon! Email if you would like to join this team. 

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