Indivisibull Team

what we're doing

We're using the Indivisible Guide to help the Durham community be informed about what our Members of Congress are doing and hold them accountable to representing us. We do this by:

  • Tracking their votes, public statements and leadership
  • Sharing information about critical votes or news 
  • Organizing and mobilizing actions that amplify Durham's voices on the issues most pressing to our community


We are local Durham residents keeping our Members of Congress accountable using the Indivisible Guide as a guiding strategy.. We are calling ourselves Indivisibull. If you'd like to join our organizing team, please email indivisibull@gmail.com and let us know if you'd like to help with research, external communications, or planning advocacy events like office visits and town halls.

what we focus on

There are a lot of threats to our progressive values and following the news coming from our federal government can be overwhelming. Indivisibull aims to lift up the issues that are most relevant to our progressive vision for Durham and help our community prioritize the highest impact actions. 

We use three criteria to help us decide what to lift up in our Action Alerts and what to mobilize actions around: 

  1. Does the issue have significant impact on North Carolinians? 
  2. Is the issue something that one of our Members of Congress has influence over or has expressed interest in? 
  3. Is this a constitutionality issue? 

Click on the visual below to see how we use this criteria: